What Does The Word Diasporan Mean?

Black Hebrew Israelites in Exile

According to Lexico.com the word Diasporan in English is a word that arises from the dispersion and exile of a special people beyond their traditional homeland of origin. It designates a person of that status or people to be living in the diaspora. (www.lexico.com/ definition/diasporan).

Origin of the word: Greek, from [diaspeirein]  ‘disperse,’ from [dia] ‘across ‘+[speirein] scatter. The term originated in the Septuagint (Deuteronomy 28:25) in the phrase [ese diaspora en pasais basileias tes ges] ‘thou shalt be a dispersion in all the kingdoms of the earth’. (Oxford Languages).

The word represents the forced displacement of people (originally in regard to the ancient Black Hebrews) who were exiled from Africa, whether it was from ancient Canaan (in the middle east now Israel), central, or West Africa, and especially those taken in the transatlantic abductions, kidnappings, seizures, betrayals, or in other words just taken captive from their homeland.

Consequently, today the word “Diasporan” ultimately refers to those people who have a burning desire to return to their roots, their ancient homeland, and culture. This undoubtedly describes our Negro brothers and sisters who were forcibly taken to the many regions of the planet in captivity, not slavery but captivity as they were forwarned in Deuteronomy 28:25.

Accordingly, because of spiritual intervention, they are returning home by reason of divine providence and have so much to offer their ancestral homeland by way of commerce, industry, technology, finance, and with an abundance of blessings decreed from the Almighty Creator to the native survivors of that deadly holocaust, who now have the reins of power of these African lands where the diasporans were stolen, and who must ultimately show empathy and compassion to these genealogical returnees.

Also, considering, it was the diasporan mothers and fathers who were forcibly taken from their homeland here, and their rights to the land must be restored because of the sacred laws of the Supreme Creator of the Universe, who will show disdain and contempt for anything less. (See Genesis 12: 1-3b to recognize the love the Almighty has for his people).

Thus, the “Diasporan D” was born out of this idea. It is an old concept with new beginnings in relationships.

The “Diasporan D” is the digital community born out of many ancestral Africans coming back home, which is really the infamous westward of Biblical Eden, but we call it Africa today.

Thus the Diasporan Directory recognizes and patronizes one another’s business endeavors whenever possible, as uncharted associations of Africans from the diaspora with those here at home.

The diasporan directory is intended to be a business directory as well as a community listing for diasporans and their organizations. The listings will include:

  • businesses
  • organizations
  • events
  • classified ads
  • business ads
  • blogs
  • coupons
  • etc.

And these are but a few listings because there are many more coming.

Our purpose should be to identify one another’s business undertakings, then support them whenever possible.

This is an ongoing process. So, if you know of anyone that should be listed, please inform them, or submit information for the individual, business, organization, associate, or international partner.

So in closing please recognize that diasporans are a unique group that has been a fish-out-of-water until now and has put the malicious treatment they received from various governments of their captivity behind them, along with the indoctrination that they as diasporans were descendants of slaves. But in truth, they are the beloved children of the Most High Creator of the universe, who has branded them his beloved chosen people, Hebrew remnants, and surviving royals of that ancient family.

So please support Diasporans and the Diasporan “D.”

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