The Diasporan D is intended to be more than a business directory or community listing for Diasporans and their Organizations.

The Diasporan D is a digital community of sorts that allows you to; advertise your business, post events, find places of interest to eat or explore, locate hospitals, clinics, dental offices, etc. Also, discover other Diasporans just like you, as well as read our weekly blog, “things of interest,” where directory subscribers can be guess bloggers as well.

Thus the Diasporan D was borne out of this concept 23 years ago by a diasporan Brother Uriel (aka Larry Mannie) in New Achimota, Accra, Ghana where he repatriated with his family from Illinois in 1998. Such that this is a Black-owned family business. In this fashion Diasporan D is an old concept with new beginnings in relationships.

The Diasporan Directory is intended to be a business directory as well as a community listing for Diasporans and their organizations. We also welcome our native brothers and sisters here in Accra and other regions of Ghana to join us on the Diasporan “D” to share and trade businesses.